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Hui style architecture is a part of the architectural culture of the Yangtze River Basin: green tiles and white walls are elegant and unified. Scattered and gathered buildings make the dark color of green tiles and white walls scattered and intersected. Secondly, Huipai architecture especially likes to use white wall, which seems to symbolize wealth and status. Therefore, people with heads and faces try their best to use white wall in their houses, so that white wall has become the keynote of Huipai architecture.
The uniqueness of Hui Style Architecture:

First, the overall beauty of harmony, fluency and unified planning. This is closely related to the social background and regional environment of Huizhou at that time: because Huizhou is the theoretical basis of feudal patriarchal system - the birthplace of Cheng Zhu Neo Confucianism, the patriarchal system is more strict and complete than elsewhere. In order to maintain the purity of lineage and clan cohesion and prevent foreign invasion, Huizhou people live together. At that time, Huizhou had become a national feng shui culture. Officials, businessmen and people worshipped the feudal feng shui culture and believed that the moral connotation of the terrain outline outlined by the group layout of villages and towns directly reflected the "cultural" quality of a clan and related to the rise and fall of the clan. The unified planning of clan buildings is popular.

The second is the natural beauty surrounded by mountains and rivers. Huizhou has a complex and colorful terrain, with mountains and rivers, and the warm subtropical climate makes it lush and green. The mountains are the skeleton of streams, which are the blood of the village. We strive to integrate artificial buildings with natural landscape, and the home environment is quiet and elegant, poetic and picturesque.
The third is the simple beauty of elegance, simplicity and simplicity. For a long time, due to the terrain of Huizhou, the peoples livelihood has been difficult because of "hard cultivation, which is not enough to supply". Huizhou people living in such a difficult environment are well aware of the hardships of supporting their families and starting businesses. They have developed a good style of frugality, diligence and frugality, and have written them into family rules and family instructions, which are passed down from generation to generation as compulsory teaching materials for family style education.
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