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Courtyard structure. Under the influence of ancient Chinese Confucianism, people pay more attention to the concept of round sky and place, which is determined by their understanding of the finiteness of things. The square is surrounded by high walls. I dont worry about hidden dangers. Moreover, it symbolizes an unbreakable norm. In such an emblem courtyard, generations of thoughtful businessmen are cultivated.

Ma Tau wallwatts. Horse head wall can be seen everywhere in Hui style buildings. Horse head wall is also called wind and fire wall. From the appearance, it is very similar to horse head, so people call it horse head wall. The horse head wall is mostly divided into three, separated by the wall in the middle, which is symmetrical left and right. The green tiles covered on it extend upward in an arc. The horse head wall can not only play a decorative role, but also block the entry of the fire source next door.

Carving process. Carving skills are integrated into every corner of Huizhou buildings. No matter what kind of material and how large the material area is, Huizhou workers can carve exquisite and delicate patterns on the surface. There are many flowers and plants in the courtyard. The patterns and flowers are interspersed with each other, and the architecture is completely integrated with nature.
Hollowed out windows. The surrounding high walls have brought people a sense of standardization, so Huizhou people often break through their internal needs, such as hollow windows. The patterns carved on the windows are different, including magpies, flowers, etc., but these patterns all symbolize a beautiful meaning. At the same time, hollowed out windows are also conducive to the air circulation of the whole room.
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