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   The water-absorbing property of the imitating blue brick is different according to the quality of the bluestone brick in the project of Huizhou style Chinese ancient architecture.


    Assuming that in the purchase of bluestone brick, if there is no explanation of water absorption, you can use tea and water drops in the brick on the reverse, after a few minutes to observe the level of diffusion, the more not moisture absorption, the lower the water absorption, as the quality of bluestone brick is better.


    In addition to the above water problems, but also pay attention to the relative density of bluestone brick. Can be viewed from the side of the tile surface is not flat, there are no uneven size of the needle eye, according to knock on bluestone brick to listen to the sound is brittle sound, crisp sound is the relative density of materials, the strength of the best.


    Regarding the green brick, but also carries on the examination to it, the deviation of the specification cannot be very big, if surpasses 0.5mm, the surface layer flatness also surpasses 0.1mm, is the substandard product, aims at the substandard product, aims at the substandard product not only to endanger the project construction the difficulty coefficient level, moreover can continue to endanger the indoor repair the application effect. Huizhou ancient building materials


    The water absorption performance of imitating ancient green brick in Huizhou ancient architecture project is the key standard to test the quality of bluestone brick.



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