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The structure of Hui style buildings:
1. Gatehouse
Hui Style Architectural format. The gates of Huizhou buildings are equipped with gatehouses (smaller ones are called door covers), which are mainly used to prevent rainwater from splashing down the wall onto the door. Generally, the door cover of a farmhouse is relatively simple. At a position a little away from the upper part of the door frame, the overhanging eaves and feet are built by grinding bricks with water, covered with tiles on the top, and carved with some simple decorations.
2. Hall style
Hui style architectural structure. Also known as back hall. The hall is located behind the hall and closely connected with the hall. It is a transitional building from the hall to the inner room. Most of them are wooden floors. The small three rooms are opposite to the hall, and the entrance is entered by the doors on both sides of the partition screen in the front of the hall. One Ming hall, two rooms. The hall is smaller than the formal three rooms, with patio lighting.
3. Hall style
Hui style architectural structure. The hall is an open hall with three open rooms and closed with movable partition fans, which is convenient for use in winter. The general hall is provided with two corridors facing the patio. There is also a screen door at the middle entrance, which can be accessed from both sides of the screen door. In case of ritual activities, it can be accessed from the middle door of the screen door.
4. Big roof kiss
Hui Style Architectural format. It refers to the large-scale ridge decoration of Huizhou style. The CI halls, temples, government houses and other large-scale buildings in Huizhou ancient buildings follow the official method of the song construction law, and adopt the ridge kiss on the big roof, including positive kiss, squatting ridge beast, vertical ridge kiss, angle berm, covering beast, etc. The modeling is different from the official practice, which belongs to the characteristics of Hui school.
5. High wall deep house
徽派建筑结构方式。 徽州有许多古民居,四周均用高墙围起,谓之“封火墙“,远望似一座座古 堡,房屋除大门外,只开少数小窗,采光主要靠天井。这种居宅往往很 深,进门为前庭,中设天井,后设厅堂,一般住人。
Hui style architectural structure. There are many ancient folk houses in Huizhou, which are surrounded by high walls, known as "fire sealing walls". Looking from a distance, they look like ancient castles. Except for the big door, only a few small windows are opened, and the lighting mainly depends on the patio. This kind of house is often very deep. The entrance is the vestibule, with a patio in the middle and a hall in the back. It is generally inhabited by people.
6. Lattice window
Hui Style Architectural format. Huizhou Folk Houses adopt wooden lattice windows along the corridor around the patio, which has the functions of daylighting, ventilation, dust prevention, thermal insulation, dividing indoor and outdoor space, etc.



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